Armenian Children

Armenians live in the Republic of Armenia (link) but also all over the world.  There are many visits between the Diaspora (link) and Armenia as well as other countries where family and friends live.  Armenians have made important contributions to the countries where they are citizens and often speak Armenian as well as the language of their country.  Children and their families learn about the world through these connections in far-away places.  And they grow up as Armenians in different ways, still keeping those connections with other Armenians in the past and present.

Elene lives in Yerevan, Armenia.  She enjoys books and reads Harry Potter in both Armenian and Russian!  She likes playing Monopoly and visiting her grandmother whom she calls “Tata”.  Elene wishes she had a horse.

Hovig is visiting his older cousin Mikel in Beirut, Lebanon.  Mikel’s favorite subjects at school are math, Armenian and Arabic.  He enjoys singing, riding his bicycle and playing football and computer games with his friends. 

Sylvia lives in Lisbon, Portugal.  The beautiful tiles behind her on on the walls of her favorite cafe.  Sylvia’s parents come from Armenia but Sylvia and her brother were both born in Portugal.  There are many musicians in the family and Sylvia is learning the cello.  She speaks Portugese and Armenian and is learning English and Spanish.

Sayat and Simon are twins and live in Istanbul. Their father is a jeweler from Istanbul and their mother comes from Yozgat in central Turkey.  Sayat likes to play basketball and Simon wants to be a professional footballer when he grows up but they also play computer games together.

Julia was born in Russia and lives in Istanbul. Her family is from Armenia and she hopes to be a doctor one day and live there.  For now she likes walking by the seaside with her parents in Istanbul.

Garen and Sarine live near Boston. They attended the Armenian Sisters’ Academy and speak English and Armenian.  Their father was born in the U.S. and their mother in Bulgaria where their grandfather still lives.  Sarine loves to sing but also plays basketball and Garen enjoys dancing and playing the piano as well as soccer/football and baseball!

Noemi lives in London. She plays the piano and likes “pretty much any kind of song…”  Before coming to London where she was born, Noemi’s family lived in Iran.  Noemi says it is “special to be Armenian because there are not many Armenians around the world…”  And also, “Armenians are very noisy, energetic and fun people and they are always partying and always lively.”