Using the Armenian alphabet on the language page, try to match the sound of the letters of your name with its Armenian letter.  Can you write your name in Armenian?


Learn a few Armenian words!

meg          one

yergoo      two

yerek        three

chors        four

hink           five


parev         hello

inchbess ess? How are you? (Western Armenian)

lav em         I’m fine.

vontz ess?  How are you? (Eastern Armenian)

vochinch      Not bad/OK (Eastern Armenian)

yerek khntsor = 3 apples

moug = mouse

nav = boat



Where did your grandparents come from?  Where has your family lived in the past?  Ask your grandparents about how life has changed since they were children.  What languages do they speak?  What language do they dream in?!

Discover some “famous” Armenians living in your country and around the world.  Did you know that tennis star Andre Agassi is Armenian or chess champion, Gary Kasparov?  How about Cher?  You will find many in entertainment, sports and the arts but try looking at medicine, engineering, business and other fields as well.

Grandma Iskouhy, a survivor of the Genocide, with one of her grandchildren.

Alex Ohanian, tech entrepreneur and activist (U.S.)

Cher (Sarkissian), singer/actress (U.S.)

Armenian History

For Armenians, Mt Ararat is a very important symbol of the land that they come from.  Can you find other mountains in the world that are important symbols for their people?  Find as many different views of Mt. Ararat as you can.

If you could choose a symbol for your country or for your family, what would it be?  Why?